Traditionally, most photographers will charge a fairly reasonable sitting fee, and you think to yourself: "Great! This is ALL I'll have to pay to get some great family portraits!"  But THEN, there's the extra time fees, retouching fees, digital file fees, and this is all before printing so you can actually take home some of the lovely images that you thought you already paid for! Yikes. Quite frankly, I think this whole process is a little antiquated, and in serious need of some revamping. 

If I were paying to have my photos done, this is what I would want:

1) A reasonable flat fee for the type of photos I'd like, 2) The ability to download my photos straight to my computer when they're ready, and 3) The ability to choose where I want to have them printed. No hassle, no "upsales", no headache. Easy-peasy. 

That's what I want to give you!

When I shoot your portraits, you pay right when the session has ended with cash or card. I'll take a few days to edit them and make 'em look real beautiful, then I email you a link where you can download the high-resolution .jpg images right to your computer. And BAM! Everyone's happy.

Your session will include a digital copyright release, which means you can print your photos anywhere you'd like. (There are pros and cons to this-- you could choose to have your images printed at a very inexpensive rate through a big-box photo lab, but the color and paper quality aren't going to be top notch. OR, you can choose to have them printed professionally with me, which will cost more. But the paper quality will be fantastic, and the coloring [that I just spent hours digitally perfecting for you] will be just as it should.) 

Regular Sessions - £350



These could include:
-Immediate Family
-Business Headshots
-Extended Family*

Package 1:
£2,000 Ceremony, Reception, Bridals, & Engagements

Package 2:
£1,800 Ceremony, Reception, Bridals OR Engagements

Package 3:
£1,500 Ceremony & Reception

Package 4:
£600 Bridals & Engagements

Package 5:
£350 Bridals OR Engagements

Would you like me to photograph a birth story, party, business event, or proposal?

Need me to travel internationally for your wedding?

Email me! We'll work something out.

*Policy Time: I can't let you break up into individual family units during extended family sessions. If I did, that'd be like each family getting their own personal family photoshoot for free, which just isn't a good business practice. :) For an idea of what I CAN do in these sessions, shoot me an email! (Up to 20 people.)